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Converting a VirtualPC Virtual Machine

October 18, 2011 Leave a comment

VMware Virtual Machine Importer is a separate downloadable application that creates a new VMware virtual machine from a Microsoft VirtualPC virtual machine in a few simple steps.

You must install Virtual Machine Importer to use this procedure. The most up-to-date instructions appear the Virtual Machine Importer User’s Manual. See download the Virtual Machine Importer manual.

To migrate a VirtualPC virtual machine:

1. Ensure the VirtualPC virtual machine is powered off.

Note:You cannot migrate a virtual machine while it is operating.

2. Launch Virtual Machine Importer to start the wizard.

Start > Programs > VMware > Virtual Machine Importer

note : if you don’t have virtual machine importer, you can click download here

3. From the opening panel, click Next.

Link to vmi_01welcome.png

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