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Scripting to prepare migration user gmail to o365

a few days ago I got the project to implement migration from google to o365 incude mailbox and onedrive online, we have done migration data mailbox using third party, but this post i dont want to discuss how to migration the data from google to o365 but I want to share step by step to migration the users using scripting while users will be moved to o365

just for information we have to change the domain from @demagnum.com to @demagnum.co.id

  1. Create forwarding users in gmail to forward users o365, here i dont have script to enable forwarding in gmail because i dont have experience in gmail
  2. Remove-MailContact -Identity “deby@demagnum.co.id” -confirm:$false previously we create all contact in gmail because for this implementation we didnt migration big bang, so we have migration for partial users,
  3. set-aduser “deby” -clear msexchhidefromaddresslists we need to clear exchange address list in proxy SMTP address because we will create new smtp proxy address will be defined
  4. Get-Aduser -identity “deby” | Set-aduser -Clear Proxyaddresses yes we need step to clear proxy addres
  5. Get-Aduser -identity “deby” | Set-aduser -add @{proxyaddresses = “SMTP:deby@demagnum.co.id”} we need add SMTP proxy address will be defined
  6. Running delta azure AD Connect, because primary address SMTP on active directory need sync to o365
  7. Set-MsolUserPrincipalName -UserPrincipalName “deby@demagnum.com” -NewUserPrincipalName “deby@demagnum.co.id” we need to change UPN existing from @demagnum.com to @demagnum.co.id
  8. Get-Aduser -identity “deby” | Set-aduser -add @{proxyaddresses = “smtp:deby@demagnum.com”}  we need add additional SMTP previously to be secondary SMTP address to o365
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  1. Anonymous
    November 14, 2017 at 4:03 pm

    hi pak
    apakah ada jasa install AD dan Microsoft exchange
    hub 081818 6210 atau ivan@metroindonesia.com ,

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