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How to bulk assign Office 365 licenses from CSV file


The most frequest gripe I hear from customers regarding Office 365 is license management. Managing licenses manually through the MOP for one or two users is fine. Managing licenses for 15,000 users is a bit more involved. This post deals with bulk license assignment using a CSV input file.

1. Log on to a machine that has ‘Microsoft Online Services Module for Windows PowerShell’ installed. You can install this on your own workstation but it should also be installed on your ADFS Servers.

2. Create a new text file. The example used here is called c:tempuserlist.csv

3. Open c:tempuserlist.csv in Notepad

4. Populate userlist.csv

  • The first row should contain the heading UserPrincipalName
  • All remaining rows should contain a list of Active Directory UPNs for the users that you want to license (one UPN per line). If you’re a multinational tenant with multiple usage locations then don’t add users in different…

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