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Installation SSL Certificated Public Exchange 2007

Import certificated SSL public in exchange 2007 different with exchange 2010, if you import SSL in exchange 2010 you can use GUI (Graphic User Interface) but if you import Exchange 2007 unfortunately you only can import Exchange Management shell.

please following the way import SSL Certificated Exchange 2007 :

Import Personal

1. before you import, you must check last certificated in exchange 2007 use command




2. after that import Certificated use MMC, click Start > Run, and type  MMC click Add/remove snap-in, Add certificated

3. Import certificates in personal > Certificates


4. Click Next in the welcome to the certificate import


5. browse your SSL Certificated has you buy and click Next


6. Type Password and check Mark this key as exportable, it’s because SSL Certificated need private key, and click Next


7. Click Next leave default


8. Click Finish


9. click Ok after success import


after you import,  check certificated to make sure that your certificated success import.


and make sure you have a private key


Import Intermediated

after you import certificate in personal, you must import also intermediate, usually when you buy certificated Public, you will get 2 certificated ones for you import in personal and ones again you must import to intermediated

1. open MMC Certificates > Intermediate certification > Certificates and click Import


2. the way to import intermediate is the same while you import certificated in personal

3. after import you must enable SSL Certificated, open Exchange Management shell and type get-ExchangeCertificate to check thumbprint.

after that enable SSL Certificate use

Enable-ExchangeCertificate –services IIS, SMTP –Thumbprint “name thumbprint”

click Y to confirm


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